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Historical Sights of Town Vrbové

The Lesning Tower of Vrbové, an impressive point of interest is 38 metres high. This is why Vrbové got its ephitet "the Slovak Pisa".It was built in 1832-1835 to substitute an older Gothic tower which had had to be pulled down some years previously. In 1930 the tower started to lean dangerously, but the local builder Ludovit Mego managed to stabilize its statics by strenghtening the foundations. By the last professonal measurements (2000) it leans more than 3 feet (99cm) from the perpendicular.


The sinagogue dating from 1883, an exquisite example of oriental Moorish style and the Jewish churchyard are the sights presenting once a numerous and influential Jewish community in the town.

St. Martin's Parish Church

St. Martin.s Parish Church is the oldest architectural sight of the town, the first written note dating from the first half of the 14th century. It was subsequently rebuilt and reconstructed. Móric Beňovský.s grand father on his mother side baron Alexej Révai lies buried in the vault of the church. The memorial brass tablet which dates from 1736 reflects honour on him.

Manor House of Móric Beňovský

The manor house where baron Móric Beňovský was born dates from the second half of the 17th century. It had built by baron Alexej Révai. In the last years it has been extensively restored. There is a memorial tablet on its facade preserving in memory the famous Vrbovian globetrotter who became the King of Madagascar.

Evangelical Church

The evangelical church was built in 1929 where formerly was the toleration church. The tower of the church which is 30 metres high dates 1896.

St. Gorazda's Church

St. Gorazd's Church being an up-to-date architectual dominant of the town was completed in 1997. The capacity of the church is 1.000 people. It is one of the largest church dedicated to St. Gorazd. The first slovak saint at all.